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Leading supplier of services and solutions for software is Aoqxa.

Aoqxa provides a wide range of software solutions to businesses and organizations globally. To deliver the greatest service, we have top-notch programmers, designers, business analysts, and software developers.

Aoqxa provides high-end, environmentally friendly, and business-focused software development services. Software development services from Aoqxa come with a range of unique benefits for small, medium, and large enterprises. Our custom software solutions are state-of-the-art, and organizations of all sizes can take advantage of our offerings.

Regardless matter the software you require, we offer the ideal answer to meet your needs. We excel at cutting-edge innovations and new technologies and offer comprehensive software development services.

We offer a wide range of all-around software solutions, including web app development, mobile app development, eCommerce solutions, and more.

Our Software Services

We make proposals to large, medium, and small businesses.

Aoqxa provides high-end, environmentally friendly, and business-focused software development services. Aoqxa provides small, medium, and big organizations with a range of unique benefits related to software development services. We have been offering small, medium, and large enterprises our cutting-edge custom software solutions, so they may benefit from using our services.

Desktop Software Development Services

The process of creating computer applications with specific capabilities is called desktop software development. The speed and performance of desktop software can be utilized to your advantage. Additionally, they are compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS on desktops and laptops. Businesses need desktop software because it is independent of internet connectivity. Additionally, Aoqxa supports companies worldwide by offering top-notch desktop software development services.

We provide distinctive desktop software services as one of Bangladesh’s leading software development companies. Aoqxa offers desktop software development services and solutions for developing system software, application software, firmware, programming software, and more. With the knowledgeable staff at Aoqxa, you can create the desktop software that your business has always wanted.


System Software Development

Programming Software Development

Application Software Development

Browsers & Firmware Development

Driver Software Development

Cross-platform Desktop App Development

API Development

Open Source Software Development

Shareware development

Desktop Software Modernization

Security and Assurance

Desktop Software Integration

Utility Software Development

Research and Development

Desktop Software

Mobile Software Development Services

Are you in need of a mobile application and seeking a firm that develops mobile software? At Aoqxa, you may then get intelligent mobile app solutions. Whether you’re searching for simple apps or complex ones, we offer top-notch mobile app solutions. Aoqxa provides mobile app development services with customization to meet your demands.


Mobile app solutions for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and many other devices are available here. You may rely on Aoqxa, the most reputable custom software development business. To design your mobile software, the knowledgeable staff at Aoqxa has experience in Java, J2ME, J2EE, Ajax, PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, and more.

Custom Mobile Software Development

Custom iOS and Android Apps Development

Android Mobile Software Development

Android Mobile App Development

iOS Mobile Software Development

iPad App Development, iPhone App Development

Windows Phone Software Development

Windows Phone App Development

Mobile Software Modernization

UI/UX design, Mobile Apps with Blockchain Integration

Cross-platform Mobile Software Development

eCommerce Mobile App Development

Hybrid Software Development, Hybrid Mobile App Development

Native Mobile App Development, Native Mobile Software

Hybrid Software Development

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Mobile Software

Web-Based Software Development Services

Web-based software development is essential for all businesses, regardless of size. If you’re looking for B2B and B2C web applications to boost the expansion of your company, we have the finest options for you. At Aoqxa, software engineers are creating B2B and B2C web apps of the highest caliber. They can therefore assist you in launching web-based software development services and solutions that are scalable and high-performing.


With our specialization in web development, we can create top-notch online applications such as AdTech platforms, eCommerce portals, and healthcare software. Simply submit your idea to Aoqxa, and our team of specialists will create the app you require. Contact us to learn more about web-based software development services.

Custom Web-based Software Development

Custom Web Applications

Enterprise Web Applications Development,

Cross-platform Apps

Responsive website development and design

HTML5 Website Development

Front-End Web Application Development

Back-End Development

Content Management Solutions

ERP Systems, CRM systems

Customer Relationship Management Systems

e-Commerce Website Development, Payment and Billing

Web-Based Software

Enterprise Software Development Services

Scalable software is necessary for large businesses’ infrastructure. In the cutthroat industry of today, it is difficult to keep ahead of the competition without comprehensive business software solutions. For instance, if you want to stay ahead, you’ll need predictive analytics, clever automation, and an efficient data management plan. Thus, opt for software solutions at the enterprise level.


Aoqxa is a dependable partner for enterprise software development in digital transformation. Utilize digital technologies to take advantage of business chances with the best custom software development firm. With cutting-edge technologies like Big Data, Data Science, Blockchain, Cognitive Computing, and more, we can assist you. For your business software solution, get in touch with us.

Custom Enterprise Software

Enterprise Mobility Services

Digital Transformation Services

Data Management

Software Integration

Internet of Things

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Machine Learning Technologies

High-end Software Solutions

Enterprise Software

eCommerce Software Development Services

Platforms for eCommerce have completely transformed everything. Customers can now enjoy cutting-edge online buying experiences. Users, buyers, and sellers can communicate and transact business via eCommerce. This explains why creating eCommerce software solutions has become so popular.


You can use top-tier E-commerce software solutions to make your firm more accessible. Modern eCommerce solutions are provided by Aoqxa to support the expansion of your online business. We will offer you expert e-commerce web development services by putting new technology to the greatest possible use. Get in touch with us for the greatest eCommerce solutions to lead your sector.

eCommerce Store Customization

Custom eCommerce Website

Shopping Cart Development

eCommerce Marketplace Development

eCommerce App Development

Plugin and Module Development

Responsive Web Development

Payment Gateway Integration

B2C website

B2B website

Online marketplace

Online multi-store


Headless commerce

Flawless & User-centric

High-end Software Solutions

eCommerce Software

Software Testing & QA Services

QA strategy design and QA process enhancements are included in software testing and QA services. Functionality, integrations, compatibility, performance, usability, and security are all tested throughout the process. For Next-Gen technologies, get in touch with us if you require the best software testing procedures to strengthen your organization.


Expert QA and testing services are offered by Aoqxa. The committed team has the know-how to create cutting-edge technologies that save time and eliminate defects. Furthermore, we provide a full range of automated and manual testing services for standard quality control. The software development business Aoqxa employs QA engineers who deliver dependable, scalable, and resilient software solutions through superior quality QA testing.

QA Outsourcing

Managed Testing Services

Project-specific Testing

QA Consulting

Quality Assessment

Task Management

Test Automation Strategy Development

Test Environment Setup and Configuration

Automated Test Data Generation

Automated UI Testing

API Testing

Mobile App Testing

Software Testing & QA Services

Software Product Development Services

Services for developing software products are meant to meet specific demands. Companies have high expectations for software product development in order to accomplish certain corporate or personal objectives. Let’s say you require high-quality, reasonably priced software. If so, Aoqxa can offer you the sustainable software product development services you require.


Agile software product development is Aoqxa’s area of expertise as a top software development company. Together, we can create software solutions that are both affordable and of excellent quality for your company. Work with us to meet the needs and expectations of clients; we have skilled software product developers.

Product Roadmap & Architecture

Product Development & Integration

Product Testing

System Software Products

Ecommerce Solutions

High-quality Software Products

Expert Software Product Developers

Programming Software Products

Application Software Products

Embedded Software Products

Software Product Development

ERP & CRM System Software Development Services

Businesses require a comprehensive solution, such as CRM software, to preserve customer data. CRM software facilitates the management of client relationships. However, businesses also require a framework for resource planning. They therefore require bespoke ERP development solutions.


One of the first CRM & ERP software development firms, Aoqxa has years of experience in the field and provides excellent custom CRM & ERP solutions. With our excellent bespoke CRM & ERP development services, you can meet your business’s needs.

CRM Software for Retail

User Management

Company Management


Task Management

Real Estate

Product & Service Management

Financial Services

Invoice Management

Hospitality, Travel & Tourism

Top-notch Custom CRM & ERP Solutions

ERP & CRM System Software

Hospital Management System Software

Create software for your clinic, diagnostic center, and hospital.  Medical services technology is developing quickly.


Hospital management software currently handles many aspects of hospital operations, including scheduling appointments, inventory control, billing, and laboratory administration. Therefore, there is a great chance to leverage this state-of-the-art technology to replace manual paper work and transition to a paperless system.


For you, Aoqxa will create adaptable hospital management software to grow your healthcare company. With that hospital management system, a healthcare company can automate a number of tasks, such as online appointment scheduling, managing doctor consultations, billing and discharge summaries, laboratory administration, and more.

Hospital Management System Software

Retail Point of Sale Software (POS) Development

The top retail POS software development services are provided by Aoqxa. We provide dependable retail point-of-sale software that is also easy to use.


Every sale, every purchase, and every account income-expenditure will be monitored daily, weekly, monthly, and annually by our POS software.


We provide point-of-sale software hosted on the cloud. Because of this, the owner may easily monitor their business from any location at any time. Additionally, Aoqxa offers offline and online support and software training to our clients. We communicate with and take care of our clients’ problems constantly.

Retail Point of Sale Software (POS)

HR Software Development Services

The HR procedures at your business can be streamlined and automated with the help of excellent custom software. Additionally, you require an enterprise learning software solution to expedite your administrative procedures. Consequently, you can raise staff performance.


Aoqxa, a top software development business, simplifies HR software, including payroll, onboarding, recruiting, tracking, and learning and development. We work with organizations to create distinctive HR cultures that enable them to prosper. Select us as your reputable and experienced HR software development partner.

HR Administrative Tasks

HR Service Management

Talent Management

Labor Management

HRIS & HRMS Software Development

Learning Management System (LMS)

HRIS & HRMS Application Development

Reporting & Analytics Software

Employee Self-Service Portals

ACA & Statutory Compliance Software

Professional HR Software Development

HR Software for Tracking


Recruiting, Onboarding

Learning, and Development

High-end Software Solutions

HR Software

Custom Software Development Services

The special software solution offers the superior capabilities of the custom software. Small-to-midsize businesses and corporations can therefore gain a competitive edge by using custom software. However, suppose you need specialized software development services for desktop, online, mobile, and cloud apps, among other things. If so, Aoqxa can offer you the best solution for custom software development.


Aoqxa’s skilled developers are adept at creating unique desktop applications, mobile apps, and much more. They have experience creating specialized software for big businesses and institutions. Now let’s get to work.

Custom Enterprise Software

Custom Mobile App Development 

Customer Self-service Apps

UI and UX, Customer Self-service Apps

Cross-industry, DevOps and QA

Manufacturing Execution System

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Inventory Management Software

Business Process Management

Supply Chain Management

Ecommerce Solutions

Point of Sale (POS) Software

Custom Software

Industry-specific Software Development Services

An industry’s digital solution is software designed specifically for that industry. For a particular need, every organization requires a special and customized software solution. To suit their operational needs, firms might, however, utilize software tailored to their industry.

What kind of software program is required for your expanding sector? Share your ideas with us, and our team of highly skilled software engineers will carefully develop them. In order to receive state-of-the-art software solutions for your industry, kindly submit us your needs.

Particularly tailored software development for:



Retail, Banking, and Financial Services


Oil and Gas


Logistics and transportation

Hotel and Tourism

Industrial Software

Startup Software Development Services

Every day thousands of people enter the marketplace with their new startup firms. They require efficient IT solutions to maintain the pace of business expansion.  If they don’t use technology from the start, startups risk failing in the market. Are you starting a brand-new company, such as an online store? For startups, Aoqxa provides efficient custom software development services.


The top software development firm, Aoqxa, is skilled in offering post-maintenance support, team extension, eCommerce app development, mobile app development, IT consulting for startups, and startup product development. 

Startup product development

Mobile App Development, 

eCommerce Development

Data Management

Software Integration

IT Consulting for startups

Post-Maintenance Support

Stand-out iOS App

Android application


Startup Software

Cybersecurity Software Development Services

There are several weaknesses in the data and communication revolution. Tensions about security are rising among the firms as the digital world gets bigger. There are reports of significant data security breaches at organizations on a daily basis. Therefore, in this digital age, the necessity of security software and safe software development cannot be disputed.

Aoqxa’s software security specialists will create the safest software for you. Our safe software development services help reduce the danger of cyberattacks. Contact us to work with the top security software development firm in Bangladesh.


Application Security Assessments

Secure Software Development

Incident Forensics and Response

Security Evaluation and Penetration Testing

Software Testing and Quality Control (QA)

Risk Management and Compliance

Application Security Testing

Software for Security Services

Infrastructure Security Consulting

Security Design and Code Reviews

Agile Product Design

User-centric Design

Scalable Infrastructure

Flexible Expansion of functionality

Intelligent Support

Cybersecurity Software

IoT Software Development Services

As digital transformation progresses, products are becoming more integrated, creating intelligent systems. Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence work together to enable such connectivity. Businesses may produce useful data by utilizing bespoke AI and IoT software solutions. They can also use this new technology to innovate their businesses.

Software for the Internet of Things (IoT) can be complicated. But you won’t have to worry about IoT installation if you collaborate with specialists. The top software development company Aoqxa’s IoT specialists make this trend easier for you. For your bespoke software development, work with the top IoT specialists.


Comprehensive IoT Sensor Nodes

Connecting to Leading Edge Technologie

Edge Computing Software

Enabling IoT Connectivity

Cloud Services

Security and Manageability

Building a Collaborative IoT Ecosystem

Empowering Edge IoT Deployment

Edge to Intelligence Solutions

IoT Connectivity Solutions

IoT Software

School Management Software

A sophisticated academic system can be developed with the help of our school management system software. We provide all-inclusive school administration software to make school administration stress-free.


One of this service’s best advantages is Academic Management. The school might create an academic event calendar, manage modules, and oversee student admissions, courses, batches, and schedules using that system.


Additionally, you may add an Accounting module to automate your accounting system, a Library module to automate your library management system, and an HRM module to manage HR operations.

School Management Software

E-learning Software Development Services

E-learning means learning through electronic media. The concept has already changed the system of education and gained wide popularity. Whether you want to target students or other training purposes, you can offshore Custom E-learning software development companies.


In eLearning software development, team Aoqxa is helping the education industry with the high standard E-learning software. Our dedicated experts ready for manageable software of a wide range of functionality, integrated video-chat, personalized study plans, tracking and scheduling tools, interactive dashboards, and more.


Expertise in e-learning development

e-learning apps for corporate training

Apps for domain-narrow training

Drive forward accessible technologies

Online Exams


Custom Reporting


Code Practice

School Management

Special Education Software

Mobile Learning Applications

Custom Video Chatting Platform

Tracking and Scheduling Tools

Interactive Dashboards


E-learning Software

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Special Benefits

Principal Advantages of Software Development by Aoqxa

Do you require a basic data entry system for your small business? Or maybe you are running a large production-oriented organization that needs enterprise-level solutions. Aoqxa offers solutions for your industry-specific requirements in both situations.

You can rely on Aoqxa for dependable and expandable software solutions for any operating system, browser, and device. With extensive industry experience, we provide users with customized software solutions. You may look through our excellent custom software development services and solutions here.

  • On-time delivery
  • There is committed customer service accessible (24/7) 365 days a year
  • Freedom to combine all of your ideas
  • Tailor the Software to Your Requirements
  • Unlimited Adjustment to Fit Your Business Market’s Requirements
  • Seek professional assistance to meet your software requirements.
  • The team will optimize your business process.
  • Cost-effective and the most reliable software development company
  • As an internationally renowned custom software development company, Aoqxa is a name you can trust.
  • Aoqxa has a transparent and well-established history of offering services for software development.
  • Possibility of establishing a lifelong partnership with a multitasking software development service provider business
  • One location to meet all of your needs for various IT-related services
  • Team Aoqxa excel an extensive set of skills to deliver you the best service

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