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Aoqxa is a well-known brand in mobile application development.

We have extensive experience as a mobile application development firm. Furthermore, due to our considerable experience in the industry, we have a thorough understanding of the mobile application development process.

Aoqxa offers complete services for developing mobile applications. To accomplish project goals, your mobile application must be developed with human-centered design (HCD), state-of-the-art research, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, and skilled business analysis. Integrating the new product into your infrastructure, as well as doing additional optimization and scaling up as necessary. 

Because of its best-in-class capabilities and proven mastery in mobile app development, Aoqxa can assure you that it will add value to your mobile operations and surpass your expectations.

Our Apps Developments Services

We make proposals to large, medium, and small businesses.

Using state-of-the-art app development technology, Aoqxa offers a variety of excellent and reasonably priced mobile app development services to suit your company’s needs. Aoqxa provides all-inclusive services for creating mobile apps. Your mobile application needs to be designed using human-centered design (HCD), cutting edge research, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, and proficient business analysis in order to meet project goals. incorporating the new product into your system, doing further optimization, and expanding as required.

iOS App Development

iOS App Development is the process of making mobile applications for Apple products, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and so on.


With a talented staff of in-house iOS developers, Aoqxa is a leading iOS application development company in Bangladesh. We support our customers with custom apps that run flawlessly on the whole iOS platform. encompassing the most recent devices and iOS versions. such as Apple TV, Watches, iPhones, iPads, and so on. 

iPhone App Development

iOS App with SiriKit

iPad App Development

iOS app with MLkit

Apple Watch App Development

iOS App with ARkit

Apple TV Apps

iOS App Testing

iOS App Development

Android App Development

Android App Development is the process of developing mobile applications for gadgets running the Android operating system. Android is changing the capabilities of a mobile device. powering every Android device, including your phone, tablet, watch, TV, and cars, as well as the Google Pixel Phone, Google Pixel Slate, and Google Chromebook.


The best Android app development company in Bangladesh is Aoqxa, which offers start-ups, companies, foreign brands, and others custom Android mobile application development services covering the complete range of the Android operating system. We can help you create customized Android apps for Android Wear, Android TV, Android tablets, and Android smartphones. 

Android Smartphone Apps

Chromebook Apps

Android Tablet Apps

Android Things Apps

Android TV Apps

Firebase Integration

Android Wear Apps

Android Apps with Dialog flow

Android App Development

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform app development is the process of developing a single program that operates on many operating systems as opposed to developing distinct app versions for each platform. The cross-platform application can help your business expand dramatically.


One of the top cross-platform mobile app development companies in Bangladesh, Aoqxa provides businesses with a wide variety of mobile apps. Our cross-platform mobile apps provide clients with several advantages and a wider audience across multiple OS (Operating System) devices. Aoqxa’s cross-platform developers have a history of developing cross-platform frameworks and technologies to produce mobile apps that are feature-rich, cost-effective, and multipurpose. such as Xamarin, PhoneGap, React Native, Flutter, and Titanium from Appcelerator, etc.



React Native

Appcelerator’s Titanium


Cross-Platform App Development

Hybrid App Development

Software is used to install hybrid apps on mobile devices, much like regular mobile apps. Hybrid app deployment uses native containers with Mobile WebView objects. Mobile hybrid apps have the potential to greatly improve your business.


Hybrid apps integrate the greatest aspects of internet and native application development. Our top hybrid mobile app development services enable developers to design apps that are cross-platform and OS (Operating System) compatible, function offline, provide easy access to device data, and minimize development expenses. 


Hybrid Mobile App Development

PhoneGap App Development

Migration to Hybrid Frameworks

Xamarin App Development

Support and Maintenance

Responsive Web App

Independent Testing

Hybrid App Consultation

Hybrid App Development

Native Mobile App Development

Native Mobile App Development is the process of developing apps exclusively for a certain mobile operating system. Specialized mobile app stores offer them for download.

Native application development is the process of creating a mobile application exclusively for one platform. When developing an application, specific tools and programming languages for a platform are used.


Located in Bangladesh The company Aoqxa develops native mobile apps. With the help of native mobile application development services, lay the groundwork for your business’s future growth. Aoqxa provides exceptional Native Mobile App Development services to design apps that provide faultless performance on par with any native mobile application.

Custom Native Mobile App Development

More Secure and Reliable

Native Mobile App Development Design

Access the Full Feature Set of Devices

Best Performance

More Interactive and Intuitive

Native Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps Driven by Cloud

A cloud-driven app is a service that runs on the server instead of the device. A cloud application offers features and capabilities similar to those of a desktop or other device program, even though all of its data is stored in the cloud.

We will provide you with professional cloud consulting from the beginning, during the discovery phase, to help you design the cloud strategy and optimize information dissemination over several channels without any downtime.

Cloud Consulting

Google Cloud Services

Migrate to Cloud

AWS Cloud Services

Content Delivery

DevOps as a Service

Managed Cloud Services

DevOps Consultation

Mobile Apps Driven by Cloud

E-commerce Mobile App Development

Internet purchasing Mobile app development is the process of developing e-commerce mobile software for a variety of mobile OS (operating system)-powered devices. such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and so forth.


Based on your requirements and budget, we develop incredibly captivating white-label eCommerce solutions.


As one of the top developers of e-commerce mobile applications in Bangladesh, Aoqxa offers reliable on-demand e-commerce solutions to support the expansion of your company. High security is a feature of our first-rate e-commerce app development services. Our team of professionals develops top-notch mobile applications to enhance your online business.

Custom eCommerce app development

Multi-vendor eCommerce Solutions

B2B eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce Payment Gateway Integration Services

B2C eCommerce Solutions

Custom Market Place Solutions

Custom Plugin development

Existing application support and maintenance

eCommerce Module development

eCommerce application QA testing services

E-commerce Mobile App Development

Custom Business Mobile App Development

Custom corporate mobile app development is the process of creating mobile applications for a variety of mobile operating systems (OS)-powered devices. Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, for example.


Utilizing customized mobile apps to advance digital transformation. Aoqxa is the leading Bangladeshi company that creates personalized mobile apps, and they are dedicated to you. Create a profitable mobile application for your company with great UI and UX, powerful bespoke features, and reliable functionality. Use the creation of custom mobile apps to achieve your company’s objectives.


Create technologically savvy solutions that solve user problems and further your business goals if you want to see results more quickly.

Mobile App Development

Expand your reach

UI/UX App Design

Increase brand exposure

Strategic Consulting

Build engagement and loyalty

Cloud Based Infrastructure

Optimize your tactics

Custom Business Mobile App Development

Industry Specific Mobile App Development

For operating industry-specific apps, like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc., developing mobile software for different mobile OS-operated device types according to a certain industry is known as “industry-specific mobile app development.”


With “industry-specific” enterprise apps, Aoqxa offers mobile application development services for niche markets like legal, retail, financial services, cuisine, travel, automotive, and so forth.


You can create mobile apps for your industry with the assistance of an Aoqxa staff that is incredibly skilled, informed, and highly professional.

Legal company

Travel industry

Financial Services company

Automotive industry

Retail industry

Aerospace industry

Food industry

Industry Specific Mobile App Development

IoT Mobile App Development

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is a network of networked, internet-connected devices that may wirelessly gather and transfer data over a network without human intervention. Numerous commercial prospects exist.


Aoqxa is among the top developers of IoT apps in Bangladesh. You may have a 360° customer experience with our IoT application development services by extending your IoT devices with state-of-the-art intelligent apps.


We leverage our clients’ massive data potential to quickly develop cloud-based Internet of Things solutions.

IoT Application Development

User Experience for IoT

IoT Application Development for Wearables

API Development and Integration

IoT Architecture for Connected Ecosystems

Data Analytics for Smart Devices

IoT Platform Integration

Testing and Maintenance

IoT Mobile App Development

Enterprise Mobile App Development

Corporate mobile app development is the process of creating mobile apps to improve an organization’s product. Consumers will change every day, just as gadgets and technologies do. In light of the needs and actions of their clientele, firms must implement the proper procedures and instruments.


Assume you are a business owner at the enterprise level who needs a mobile application to showcase your products. In that case, Aoqxa Las has the necessary technologies to help you.


Aoqxa will also provide you with specific enterprise mobile app development services based on your particular needs. Get business mobile app development services for all platforms and devices that integrate with any corporate system by visiting Aoqxa.

Enterprise Mobile App

User Experience Design

Long-Term Mobile Strategy

Enterprise Mobility Management

Mobile Application Upgrade


Enterprise Mobile App Development

Wearable App Development

Wearable technology is currently the most popular category of electronics. As a result, most sectors are now pursuing wearable technology and wearable app development.


Aoqxa is capable of developing a strong backend system for API integration.  So, the options for creating a wearable app with Aoqxa are endless.


The goal of the Aoqxa team is to develop wearable applications that raise people’s standard of living. We can also create outstanding wearable apps that raise your company’s level of intelligence.

Custom Wearable App Development

Smart Watch App Development

Fitness Tracking App Development

Wearable App UI/UX Design

IoT Based Wearable App Development

Maintenance and Support

Wearable App Development

Social Media App Development

The need for social networking app development has grown since everyone values connectivity. Keeping up with their personal and professional social media networks can be beneficial for social media users as well.


Aoqxa, the leading social media mobile app development company, offers efficient social media app development solutions.  Team Aoqxa is very proficient in developing social media applications.


Collaborate with an experienced app development firm to produce your social networking application. According to your requirements, Aoqxa will develop a social networking application for you.

Social Network Analysis Tool

Messaging App Development

Video Based Apps Development

Social Game App Development

Mobile Dating apps development

Promotional Apps 

Contest Apps

Quiz Apps

Social Media App Development

Custom Mobile App Development

The creation of personalized mobile applications requires a number of complex steps. The development of a completely functional custom mobile application requires developers to accomplish several tasks. However, it’s been made easier by Aoqxa’s automated mobile app development process.


The bespoke mobile app developers at Aoqxa are masters at building unique mobile apps. You can totally remodel your current mobile apps with customizable features, integrations, edits, and more by working with that team.

Custom Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence Mobile App Development

Aoqxa is a skilled company that develops mobile apps with an artificial intelligence focus. Here, talented artificial intelligence developers blend natural language processing (NLP) programs to produce mobile apps with outstanding AI that provide a seamless user experience.


You may use Aoqxa to design mobile apps with AI that adapt to your needs. Our knowledge of creating AI-powered applications allows us to significantly enhance business procedures.


Take a look at the AI services offered by Aoqxa to find several opportunities for business expansion. Aoqxa develops AI mobile apps for iOS and Android that are intelligent, resourceful, and useful to enterprises.

Artificial Intelligence Mobile App Development

Flutter Mobile App Development

Flutter is another cross-platform, open-source framework for developing mobile apps that was developed by Google. It is possible to construct cross-platform apps with a single codebase using Flutter. It makes the process of developing apps faster.


Aoqxa uses next-generation mobile apps to streamline businesses through Flutter app development. Flutter mobile app development services offer highly functional and promising mobile apps with configurable user interfaces, native performance, and other features.


The Flutter specialists at Aoqxa are perfectly equipped to turn your mobile app concept into a profitable platform. This open-source programming framework is used by Flutter developers to design applications that load quickly—60 frames per second—into them.

Flutter Mobile App Development

iPhone App Development

Aoqxa is a technology company specializing in iPhone app development services. Leveraging their expertise, they create customized applications tailored to clients’ needs. Using industry-standard tools like Apple’s Xcode and programming languages such as Swift or Objective-C, Aoqxa designs user-friendly interfaces and implements robust functionalities. Their development process includes thorough testing on diverse iOS devices, debugging, and performance optimization to ensure high-quality outcomes. With a commitment to adhering to Apple’s design guidelines and coding best practices, Aoqxa delivers innovative and reliable iPhone applications.

iPhone App Development

iPad App Development

Aoqxa, a technology company, specializes in providing iPad app development services. With a focus on leveraging the unique capabilities of iPad devices, Aoqxa crafts tailored applications to meet the specific requirements of its clients. Using tools like Apple’s Xcode and programming languages such as Swift or Objective-C, the company designs intuitive user interfaces and implements functionalities optimized for the iPad platform. Through a comprehensive development process, Aoqxa conducts rigorous testing on various iPad models, addresses potential issues through debugging, and optimizes performance for a seamless user experience. Committed to adhering to Apple’s design principles, Aoqxa delivers high-quality and innovative iPad applications.

iPad App Development

Logistics & Transportation Mobile App Development

Aoqxa, a leading technology company, specializes in providing comprehensive app development services tailored specifically for the logistics and transportation industry. Leveraging their technological expertise, Aoqxa designs and develops mobile applications that streamline and enhance various aspects of logistics and transportation operations. These apps may include features such as real-time tracking, route optimization, inventory management, and communication tools. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies and adhering to industry standards, Aoqxa ensures the development of robust and user-friendly mobile solutions that meet the specific needs and challenges of the logistics and transportation sector, ultimately contributing to increased efficiency and improved service delivery.

Logistics & Transportation Mobile App Development

React Native App Development

Aoqxa, a technology company, excels in React Native app development services. Utilizing the power of React Native, Aoqxa creates cross-platform mobile applications with a single codebase that can run seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices. This approach allows for efficient development, cost-effectiveness, and quicker time-to-market. Aoqxa leverages the flexibility and performance benefits of React Native to build high-quality apps with native-like experiences. With a focus on delivering robust and user-friendly solutions, Aoqxa’s React Native app development services cater to diverse client needs, ensuring a versatile and efficient mobile application development process.

React Native App Development

Food Delivery App Development

Aoqxa, a cutting-edge technology company, specializes in Food Delivery App Development services. With a focus on enhancing the food industry’s digital presence, Aoqxa creates innovative and user-friendly mobile applications. These apps typically feature intuitive interfaces, real-time order tracking, secure payment gateways, and personalized user experiences. Aoqxa employs state-of-the-art technologies to streamline the entire food delivery process, from order placement to delivery, providing an efficient and seamless solution for both customers and businesses. By leveraging their expertise in app development, Aoqxa contributes to the evolution of the food delivery landscape, delivering solutions that meet the dynamic demands of modern consumers and businesses alike.

Food Delivery App Development

Restaurant Food Delivery App Development

Aoqxa, a dynamic technology company, specializes in Restaurant Food Delivery App Development services. Focused on transforming the dining experience, Aoqxa creates tailored mobile applications that enable restaurants to offer delivery services seamlessly. These apps often include features such as online menus, order customization, real-time tracking, secure payment options, and customer feedback mechanisms. Aoqxa leverages cutting-edge technologies to optimize the delivery process, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction. With a commitment to user-friendly interfaces and innovative functionalities, Aoqxa’s Restaurant Food Delivery App Development services empower restaurants to expand their reach, enhance customer engagement, and thrive in the evolving digital landscape of the food industry.

Restaurant Food Delivery App Development

Taxi Booking App Development

Aoqxa, a leading technology company, specializes in Taxi Booking App Development services. With a focus on revolutionizing transportation, Aoqxa creates innovative mobile applications that facilitate seamless and efficient taxi booking experiences. These apps typically feature user-friendly interfaces, real-time location tracking, secure payment gateways, and driver-customer communication tools. Aoqxa employs state-of-the-art technologies to optimize route planning, enhance user safety, and streamline the entire booking process. By offering a comprehensive solution for both passengers and drivers, Aoqxa’s Taxi Booking App Development services contribute to the evolution of modern transportation, providing a convenient and reliable means of booking and accessing taxi services.

Taxi Booking App Development

Health and Fitness App Development

Aoqxa, a forward-thinking technology company, specializes in Health and Fitness App Development services. Committed to promoting well-being, Aoqxa creates tailored mobile applications designed to enhance users’ health and fitness journeys. These apps often include features such as personalized workout plans, nutrition tracking, progress monitoring, and integration with wearable devices. Aoqxa leverages cutting-edge technologies to provide a seamless user experience, fostering motivation and engagement in health and fitness activities. With a focus on user-friendly interfaces and data security, Aoqxa’s Health and Fitness App Development services contribute to the advancement of digital solutions that empower individuals to achieve their wellness goals.

Health and Fitness App Development

Virtual Reality App Development

Aoqxa, a pioneering technology company, excels in Virtual Reality (VR) App Development services. With a focus on immersive experiences, Aoqxa creates innovative mobile applications that leverage virtual reality technology. These apps offer users captivating and interactive environments, often featuring simulations, games, or educational content. Aoqxa employs cutting-edge VR development tools and technologies to ensure a high level of realism and engagement. Their expertise in Virtual Reality App Development extends across various industries, from entertainment and gaming to education and training. By pushing the boundaries of digital experiences, Aoqxa contributes to the evolution of virtual reality applications, providing users with unparalleled and immersive content.

Virtual Reality App Development

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